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A series of world-class Bible Code Software programs and a fine accouterment of educational Bible programs are readily available. We encourage you to take your time perusing our site. We are sure you will find it fascinating and plenty insightful. Our website provides you with a wide range of options to pick and choose the particular software package that works best for you.

Bible Code Software - TOP SELLERS

Keys to the Bible

The Keys to the Bible

Special Price: US$59.95

Keys to the Bible

Download Price: $54.95*

We are proud to announce the release of The Keys to the Bible, the most complete, advanced, and easy to use computer program designed to explore the surface of the Bible.

Get 4 Wonderfully CDs for FREE!

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The Keys to the Bible ... »

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Gematria Software

Special Price: US$29.95


Download Price: $24.95

With this program you can transliterate your name to Hebrew characters, calculates their numerical value and will show you all the words in the Bible which have the same numerical value!

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Gematria Software ... »

Codes the Bible

Bible Codes Plus

Sale Price: US$49.95

Bible Codes

Download Price: $44.95

Past, present and future events, encoded 3,000 years ago in the Bible Can now be decoded by computer!
You can search for any event or name, including your own and your family's!
This is by far the best Bible Codes Software available today!

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Bible Codes ... »

Download Now!

Download Now!

Download Now!

Bible Code Software - unlocking the hidden knowledge

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bible Codes, here's a short introduction to one of the world's greatest revelation ever!

Bible Code Software, or Torah Codes Software, is a program that allows users to reveal the encrypted messages from the Bible.

We all know that the Bible is the source of all knowledge, but some scholars revealed that there is even more hidden knowledge that can be decoded from the pages of the Bible using special techniques, such as the ELS, or the Equidistant Letter Sequence.

Biblical scholars, historians and regular folks are keen to unlock the hidden meaning of the words, phrases and texts inherent in the Bible and the Torah. The use of Bible Codes software works wonderfully to assist people in gaining a better understanding of the meaning within the words. It may prove to be a revelation beyond your wildest dreams! Unlock the power within the text and relish the opportunity to marvel in the splendor that is the Bible.

Our fascination with the Bible and the Torah spans eons. We have always been eager to understand the mystical meaning of the texts and what better way to explore that than with Bible Code Software programs. The messages are encrypted but now you can input data into the software program to uncover what it is that you are keen to understand. Theres no more guesswork, because weve done all the legwork to make it easier for you.

The worlds greatest book is about to take on a whole new meaning to you. Soon you will be able to unlock the true power of the words of the Almighty, in a way never before thought possible. There is so much more beneath the surface than anyone thought possible. And all it takes is a quick and easy selection and youre good to go. We use Equidistaistant Letter Sequencing or ELS to assist us in revealing the truth!

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Bible Code Software - PRODUCTS LIST

ABC Decoder

ABC Decoder

Special Price: US$19.95

ABC Decoder

Download Price: $14.95

ABC Decoder is a PC software designed specifically for the search of codes in the Bible, thus opening Bible codes research to millions of English speaking people.

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Who's Who in the Bible

Who's Who in the Bible

Sale Price: US$39.95

Who's Who in the Bible

Download Price: $34.95

The Complete Encyclopedia of Bible personalities. This unique, informative and comprehensive software brings in narrative format the biographies of over 3,000 persons named in the Bible, sorted by alphabet..

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Holyland Journey

Holyland Journey on DVD

Sale Price: US$24.95

Holyland Journey

Israel on DVD. Take a journey back in time and watch the sights and sounds of the Holy Land come alive! "Holy Land Journey" turns the printed text into a living one so that you can not only now imagine it, but actually experience it.

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Holyland Journey on DVD ... »

Download Now!

Download Now!

The Best Bible Software

What can you achieve with the Bible Codes Software?

The amazing prophecies that you can reveal using Bible Code Software might be a life-changing event!

We've been selling Bible Codes programs for some time now, and over the years we received many heartwarming letters from customers who wanted to thank us for giving them the chance to reveal those hidden truths about their life and their future.

The Bible Codes Software is a powerful tool! It allows you to easily enter names, titles, dates, places and events and to unlock the hidden knowledge behind them.
Just try to imagine how this can affect your life!
If you find comfort and peace in the Holy Bible - using the Bible Codes Software can elevate your experience and reveal truths that you never thought about.

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